Impressive Superyacht Helipads: Elevating Luxury on the High Seas

The most opulent, luxurious, and downright impressive machines ever built are the world’s superyachts. One of the most sought-after design features for superyachts is a helipad. It used to be assumed that only the biggest yachts could accommodate a helipad, but the motor yacht Buckpasser, built in the 1980s, was one of the first to have a helipad, and at 36.8 meters, she is far from the largest on the seas.

Allowing owners and guests to explore further and get to and from their yacht quicker, a helipad is a must-have for superyachts. These air tenders are the next step from traditional tenders, providing the opportunity to explore remote corners of the world or to travel in comfort and ease.

Superyacht helipads come in various shapes and sizes, from commercial landing pads to touch-and-go decks. Some are designed to blend subtly into the overall aesthetic, either on the aft or foredecks, while others are designed to be a stand-out feature.

The top 10 most impressive yachts with helipads are worth taking a look at.Luxury Yacht "Serene" - A Marvel of Engineering and Design

The luxury yacht "Serene" was constructed in 2011 and has secured a place in the top 10 list of luxury yachts. What sets "Serene" apart is the presence of not one, but two helipads, with one of them cleverly converting into a swimming pool when not in use. Moreover, the design includes a helicopter hangar, allowing for safe storage of helicopters when the yacht is in motion and creating additional deck space. Interestingly, it is safer to land a helicopter on the aft helipad while the yacht is in motion, as this provides greater stability.

A Marvel of Engineering and Design

The luxury yacht "Serene" was constructed in 2011 and has secured a place in the top 10 list of luxury yachts. What sets "Serene" apart is the presence of not one, but two helipads, with one of them cleverly converting into a swimming pool when not in use. Moreover, the design includes a helicopter hangar, allowing for safe storage of helicopters when the yacht is in motion and creating additional deck space. Interestingly, it is safer to land a helicopter on the aft helipad while the yacht is in motion, as this provides greater stability.

Alfa Nero: A Yacht Like No Other

In 2007, the astonishing 81-meter yacht Alfa Nero was unveiled to the world, leaving onlookers in awe. At the core of its exterior design was a massive infinity pool with a glass aft end, offering uninterrupted views of the sea. But here's the real magic: the pool can be transformed within seconds. It can be raised to create a shallow children’s pool, or brought fully up to create a dancefloor or a helicopter landing pad. Even the helipad is adorned with a teak H, reflecting the yacht’s style and elegance.

The Magnificent Eclipse: A Glimpse into the World of Superyachts

Eclipse, owned by Roman Abramovich, is one of the largest superyachts in the world, standing at an impressive 162 meters. It boasts a helipad capable of accommodating three helicopters and a specially designed heli-garage located below the foredeck. This Goliath of yachts does everything on a grand scale, making it a standout in the world of luxury watercraft. Notably, Eclipse features a swimming pool that, at the time of its launch, was the largest ever built on a superyacht, measuring 16 meters in length.

The Opulent Lifestyle Aboard EclipseExploration Capabilities of the Planet Nine Superyacht

The seas are being graced by a new generation of explorer superyachts, and for those embarking on journeys to the most remote parts of the world, having a helicopter is essential. One of these impressive vessels is the 73-meter Planet Nine, which was specifically crafted for navigating the planet's most challenging corners, including expeditions in the Antarctic. The design of the yacht ensures that it can accommodate two helicopters, with a clever system in place that allows one chopper to be stowed beneath the helipad in a hangar, creating space for a second helicopter to land. Additionally, the long-range explorer capabilities of the Planet Nine are complemented by its helicopter refueling equipment.

Luxurious Accommodations and Amenities

In addition to its impressive exploration capabilities, the Planet Nine superyacht offers luxurious accommodations and amenities for travelers. The interior of the yacht is designed to provide the utmost comfort and style, ensuring that guests can relax and unwind after exhilarating adventures. With state-of-the-art facilities, spacious cabins, and elegant design, the Planet Nine delivers a truly opulent experience for those on board. Whether it's indulging in gourmet dining, enjoying panoramic views from the deck, or unwinding in the lavish lounge areas, the superyacht offers a perfect blend of luxury and adventure.

Environmental Considerations and Sustainability Efforts

As exploration and adventure go hand in hand with environmental conservation, the Planet Nine superyacht is committed to sustainability efforts. With a focus on minimizing its environmental impact, the yacht incorporates eco-friendly technologies and practices, ensuring that the beauty of the natural world is preserved for future generations. From efficient energy usage to responsible waste management, the Planet Nine sets a standard for environmentally conscious exploration, allowing travelers to experience the wonders of the planet while respecting and protecting its delicate ecosystems.Title: An Adventure on the High Seas - Cloudbreak Superyacht

Embarking on an Adventure

The 72-meter Cloudbreak, designed by Espen Øino, is the epitome of a superyacht geared for adventure. With its launch in 2016, it was tailored for an adventurous owner who sought the ultimate adrenaline rush. The yacht boasts a helipad, allowing the owner to indulge in heli-skiing escapades on remote, snow-covered mountains. To enhance the experience, there's a cinema lounge located adjacent to the helideck, providing the perfect setting for reliving the day's daring exploits through footage.

Discovering the Unreachable

The Cloudbreak offers an unparalleled opportunity for thrill-seekers to explore inaccessible terrains in a way that only a superyacht of this caliber can provide. The inclusion of a helipad opens up a world of possibilities, enabling the owner and guests to access untouched, snow-laden mountains for exhilarating heli-skiing adventures. The yacht's design and amenities are a testament to the owner's passion for pushing the boundaries and seeking out new, thrilling experiences.

A World of Luxury and Adventure

Cloudbreak, with its unique blend of luxury and adventure, embodies the spirit of a modern-day explorer. The seamless integration of adrenaline-fueled activities and opulent comforts creates an environment where adventure and indulgence coexist harmoniously. The yacht's helipad, combined with its dedicated cinema lounge, sets the stage for unforgettable escapades and moments of relaxation amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the open sea.Lady Christine: A Yacht Designed Around the Helipad

The design of some yachts aims to make the helipad inconspicuous, blending into the overall aesthetic. However, Lady Christine is not one of those yachts. The owner, a former helicopter pilot, ensured that the 68-meter yacht's design focused on the helipad. Guests can step from the chopper directly into the enclosed sundeck, known as the skylounge, in just a few paces. The skylounge also serves as a shelter from winds, making take-off and landing easier, highlighting the meticulous thought put into this key feature of the yacht.

A Unique Approach to Helipad Design

Lady Christine stands out with its unique approach to helipad design. Unlike many yachts where the helipad is inconspicuous, the owner's background as a helicopter pilot shaped the design of this 68-meter yacht. The helipad is the focal point of the design, allowing guests to transition seamlessly from the chopper to the enclosed sundeck, named the skylounge. This space also serves as a wind shelter, enhancing the ease of take-off and landing. The attention to detail in this key feature showcases the exceptional design of Lady Christine.

Stella Maris: A Masterpiece by Espen Øino

One of the most remarkable yachts on the list is Stella Maris, a 72-meter creation by the renowned designer Espen Øino. Similar to the Lady Christine, Stella Maris features a helipad that has been cleverly integrated into the exterior design. The sundeck boasts a large "H" shape, serving as the helipad, while also providing a central space for socializing and entertainment, with loungers and twin swimming pools nearby. This bold design approach goes beyond concealing the helicopter deck and instead transforms it into a dual-purpose centerpiece that can seamlessly transition from a social space to a functional helipad when needed.

  1. Impressive Superyacht Helipads

Double Helipads

An exceptional feature of the 66-meter Feadship Vanish is its unique helipad design. While most yachts have a single helipad, Vanish stands out with two helipads. The main helipad is located on the foredeck, providing a designated landing area for daily operations. Additionally, the yacht has a second helipad on the aft deck, which is used to securely store the helicopter during voyages. This arrangement ensures that the helicopter can be safely stowed away after passengers have disembarked on the foredeck, making it especially practical for longer journeys. The foredeck serves as a convenient landing area for short voyages or while at anchor.

Andromeda: The Ultimate Explorer Yacht

In 2015, a remarkable 107-metre explorer yacht named Andromeda, formerly known as Ulysses, set sail into the world of luxury yachting. Andromeda is not just any yacht; she is a marvel of engineering and design, equipped to navigate through icy waters with an impressive range of 8,500 nautical miles. Her capabilities make her the perfect choice for voyages to the most remote and exotic destinations on the planet, all while offering unparalleled luxury to her guests.

A Helipad and Heli-hangar

One of the most striking features of Andromeda is her commercial helipad, providing a seamless and convenient mode of transportation for her guests. But that's not all; Andromeda also boasts a heli-hangar on her top deck. This unique feature not only ensures the safe storage of the helicopter while the yacht is in motion but also provides ample space for essential maintenance, effectively serving as a fully functional workshop for the helicopter.

The Versatile Helipad of Superyacht Kismet

When it comes to superyachts, maximizing the use of a helipad is essential, especially when there isn't a helicopter on board. The 95-meter superyacht Kismet takes this to the next level by transforming its helipad into a basketball court, complete with painted markings and the letter H. Known as a touch-and-go helipad, it allows helicopters to land, disembark passengers, and take off again, without being stored on board. This unique feature ensures that the sports activities on Kismet are not disrupted for too long, catering to the owner's love for sports.

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