That’s our mission (for now). By 2025, we want to have helped 1,000,000 boat owners by assisting them with things like maintenance, repairs, replacements, useful knowledge, and more.

This is 1,000,000 boats, if each dot is a harbor with 1000 boats. And the blue dot, that’s you, so thanks for dropping by.

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Helping boat owner and sailors spend less time repairing and fixing their boat

We created Boatkeep for boat owners who like to do repairs on their own. Our website gathers free actionable tools and resources. We do that so sailors and boat owners can spend more time enjoying their boat with peace of mind.

As boat owners, we want to feel safe on our boat and confident in our repairs. We also want to maintain our boat in lasting working conditions thanks to reliable and future proof repairs. Costs must be kept low, and so does the research time. Most importantly, we want to spend as little time as possible repairing rather than enjoying.
The issue is that owning a boat comes with a set of constraints. Boats, especially larger ones where you can sleep on, are complex objects that needs regular attention and proper handling.

Being a boat owner mean taking proper care of electrical systems, the engine, instruments, plumbing, the hull, and other things below or above deck. On top of that, new practices and products are discovered everyday about sailing, the weather, safety, trip planning, marinas, winterizing, insurance, surveying, registration and more.