Chartering a Boat: Understanding the Costs and Expenses Involved

Chartering a boat for a vacation is an incredible experience. Whether you opt for a bareboat sailing trip, a crewed catamaran, or a luxury superyacht charter, you and your fellow travelers are in for a week of refreshing sea breeze, breathtaking views, and exciting escapades.

For most first-time charterers, the burning question is, "What is the cost of chartering a boat?" This is a crucial inquiry as it determines the type and size of yacht you can charter, the level of service and luxury you can enjoy, and the cruising location available to you. These variables can result in a wide range of costs, from $1,500 for a bareboat charter to $10,000 per week for smaller crewed sailing yachts and catamarans, and even upwards of $150,000 per week for the most opulent motor superyachts.

Understanding Charter Prices: All-Inclusive vs. 'Plus Expenses' Charters

When it comes to yacht charters, there are two main types of pricing to consider: all-inclusive and 'plus expenses' charters. The base rate for both includes the rental of the yacht and the crew. However, with an all-inclusive charter, you can expect to have your food and drinks, water sports, and fuel all included in the price. It's important to note that even with an all-inclusive package, dockage fees and any applicable taxes may be added on afterwards. This type of pricing is more commonly found on smaller yacht charters, where the crew consists of just a captain or a small team, but it's also possible to find it on larger luxury yachts. All-inclusive rates are typically based on the number of guests onboard, as this directly impacts the amount of food required. Therefore, the price you are quoted for an all-inclusive charter is usually the final amount you'll pay.

On the other hand, larger yachts often utilize an account called an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) for additional expenses. This APA is generally calculated at around 20-35% of the charter fee and covers costs such as food, drinks, excursions, and fuel. Throughout the charter, the captain will keep track of all expenses, and at the end, they will provide you with a summary of expenditures or a balance. This arrangement allows for more flexibility and transparency in managing additional costs during the charter.

Understanding the Inclusion of Taxes in the Price

Different countries have varying tax policies when it comes to yacht charters. For instance, in the Mediterranean, Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable to crewed yacht charters at a rate of approximately 20%. On the other hand, in regions like the Caribbean and Florida, the tax rates are comparatively lower, ranging from 5-7%. Interestingly, in certain countries like the British Virgin Islands, St Barths, and the Grenadines, no taxes are imposed at all.

Should I Budget for Crew Gratuities?

When planning your yacht charter, it's important to consider crew gratuities as part of your overall budget. The amount you decide to tip the crew is at your discretion, but it's an essential factor to keep in mind. On smaller yachts with fewer crew members, such as just a captain, the gratuity cost will be lower. However, it's important to note that the common practice is to tip around 10-20% of the total charter cost, with variations depending on the specific charter location. For instance, gratuities tend to be less in the Mediterranean and higher in the Caribbean. On larger superyachts, this percentage could translate to a substantial amount, potentially totaling tens of thousands of dollars or euros. It is customary to give the tip to the captain, who will then distribute it among the crew members.

The Value of Experienced Brokers in Yacht Chartering

Access to the Best Yachts at the Best Prices

When it comes to chartering a yacht, the expertise and experience of brokers play a crucial role in securing the best deal. While all agents and brokers have access to the same prices for chartering a specific yacht, the advantage of working with seasoned brokers cannot be overstated. With over 20 years of experience in the yachting industry, our brokers have cultivated strong relationships with central agents and operators, enabling them to source the best yachts at the most favorable prices. As a result, clients rarely have to pay the advertised price for a yacht charter, making brokers an invaluable asset in securing the best possible deal.

Insider Knowledge for a Flawless Charter

In addition to securing favorable pricing, brokers also bring unparalleled expertise and insider knowledge to the table. Their intimate understanding of the industry, yachts, crews, and cruising grounds allows them to pair clients with the perfect boat for their specific needs. This personalized approach ensures that the charter runs flawlessly, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the clients. Furthermore, brokers are adept at negotiating contracts on behalf of their clients, arranging transportation to and from the yacht, and providing comprehensive support by addressing any inquiries or concerns, whether related to the Advanced Provisioning Allowance or seeking local restaurant recommendations.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Boat

Saving Money on Yacht Charters

When it comes to renting a yacht for a week, the prices are generally fixed and non-negotiable. However, there are still ways to save money and get special deals. One of the most effective strategies is to plan your trip during the shoulder season, which can result in savings of up to 20% off the charter price. The shoulder season falls between the high and low seasons, offering favorable weather and operational amenities at a lower cost. This period also provides the added benefits of quieter beaches, less crowded destinations, and pleasant weather conditions. In the Mediterranean, the shoulder season spans from May/June to September/October, sandwiched between the peak season months of July and August. Consider booking sailing holidays to Eastern Mediterranean Countries or Western Mediterranean Countries for the best deals.

Sharing the Cost of a Yacht Charter

Splitting the Cost

When considering the cost of chartering a yacht, it's important to note that the base price allows for cost-sharing among couples or individuals. For instance, an all-inclusive 3-cabin, crewed yacht with a weekly cost of $30,000 can be split among three couples, resulting in $10,000 per couple or $5,000 per person. This makes it a highly reasonable option compared to paying for multiple hotel rooms. However, it's essential to remember that the size of the yacht doesn't necessarily correlate with the number of guests allowed to share the cost. Even the largest superyachts are typically capped at 12 guests.


It's crucial to consider the potential cost-saving benefits when sharing the cost of a yacht charter. By splitting the expenses, individuals or couples can enjoy a luxurious experience at a fraction of the cost, making it a viable alternative to traditional accommodation. Additionally, the camaraderie and shared experience of sailing on a chartered yacht can add an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall trip.

Is Chartering a Yacht Really More Affordable Than Other Luxury Vacation Options?

Considering the cost of a crewed charter compared to a stay at a 5-star resort, it becomes evident that chartering a yacht offers exceptional value for money. In addition to the exclusive privacy, the freedom to select your destinations and schedule, and the ability to have meals tailored to your preferences, the overall cost may even turn out to be lower when factoring in food, beverages, and activities. Unlike a hotel where rooms must be individually paid for, a yacht has a set number of cabins for all guests, which can significantly reduce the total cost. For instance, a 24-meter motor yacht with four cabins accommodating 10 guests costs around $27,000. Adding 25% for the APA brings the total to approximately $33,750, covering all meals, drinks, activities, and excursions. On the other hand, a luxury hotel starts at €2,000 per person per week, making the base room rate $20,000 before any additional expenses.

Chartering a yacht is not just an extraordinary vacation experience, but it is also a cost-effective option open to a wider range of budgets. provides a wide selection of yacht charters worldwide, from luxurious superyachts to bareboat sailing yachts. We are here to assist you throughout your chartering journey and connect you with the top brokers in the industry. Feel free to reach out to us if you have more inquiries, or explore our FAQs for more information.

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