Discover the Best Aluminum Bass Boats Available Today

Bass boats are known for being compact, sturdy, and well-equipped with fishing gear, making them a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts. These boats are specifically designed for bass fishing, offering a highly specialized experience for anglers. While they can be used for pursuing other species, bass boats are considered one of the most specialized types of fishing boats on the water. Most top-tier bass boats are constructed with fiberglass, but aluminum is the material of choice for the majority of low to midrange models, as well as many high-end options, making aluminum bass boats dominant in the market.

The high-end bass boats are renowned for their exceptional speed, with some reaching or even exceeding 70 mph. This speed is essential for reaching the best fishing spots quickly and providing a stable platform for competitive fishing in tournaments. Even midrange models are capable of reaching speeds in the 50s. Bass boats are also lightweight and easily trailerable, allowing for mobility and the ability to launch them wherever the fishing is prime or where the next tournament is taking place.Best Aluminum Bass Boats

Qualities of a High-Quality Aluminum Bass Boat

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Aluminum bass boats are prized for their lightweight nature, allowing for the use of smaller engines and making them easy to launch, trailer, and tow. This feature enhances their overall maneuverability, making them a popular choice for avid anglers.

Abundant Fishing Equipment

The essence of a bass boat lies in its fishing capabilities, and top models are equipped with a wide array of features such as livewells, rod lockers, and integrated tackle stowage. These amenities ensure that anglers have everything they need for a successful fishing expedition.

Electric Trolling Motor for Precision

An electric trolling motor is an essential component of a good aluminum bass boat, enabling stealthy maneuvering and precise positioning for optimal fishing opportunities.

Advanced Electronics

High-quality bass boats are often outfitted with state-of-the-art fishfinders, including advanced features like side-scan sonar, real-time imaging, and 3D fishfinders. These electronic enhancements provide anglers with a competitive edge in locating and catching fish.

Spacious Casting Platforms

Ample deck space is a hallmark of top-notch bass boats, offering expansive and flat casting platforms with integrated storage. This feature maximizes the comfort and convenience of anglers during fishing excursions.


Compared to their fiberglass counterparts, aluminum bass boats are generally more affordable, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. This cost-effective advantage allows anglers to enjoy high-performance bass boats without breaking the bank.

Top Aluminum Bass Boat Manufacturers

When it comes to bass boats, there are numerous manufacturers known for their expertise in creating fast, stable, and well-equipped fishing boats. Here are some of the top brands in the industry:

Discover the Top Aluminum Bass Boats on the Market

When it comes to aluminum bass boats, the choices are vast, reflecting the immense popularity of these fast fishing vessels. Each year, new models hit the market, showcasing the continuous innovation in this space. However, it's important to note that there are also thousands of used bass boats available for sale on various boat-selling platforms. Exploring these alternative options could potentially lead to significant cost savings.

Crestliner MX21

The Crestliner MX21 is a tournament-level aluminum bass boat that packs a punch. Comparable in size and power to its fiberglass counterparts, this model can be equipped with an impressive 250hp engine. It features expansive casting decks, a 45-gallon livewell, spacious tackle storage compartments, and twin rod boxes capable of accommodating up to 10 rods measuring up to 8’6” in length. Boasting a 0.125” gauge aluminum hull and a fiberglass console with room for 12” flush-mounted electronics, the MX21 is a top-of-the-line choice, ideal for navigating rugged waters. The pricing for this model starts just below $53,000.

Lowe Skorpion 17

Lowe's reputation in the bass boat manufacturing industry precedes it, and the Skorpion 17 is a prime example of their offerings. With a modified V hull, an outboard engine ranging from 20 to 60 hp, an aerated livewell, foot-pedal-controlled trolling motor, and four comfortable seats, this model delivers exceptional value starting at under $20,000. While it may not be the fastest or most feature-laden bass boat available, the Skorpion 17 provides an affordable entry point into the sport.

2075 Lund Pro V Bass XS

For those seeking a formidable alternative to fiberglass bass boats, the Lund 2075 Pro V Bass XS tournament fishing boat is an excellent option. With a capacity to seat four individuals, as opposed to the typical two or three in most bass boats, it caters to families and those desiring additional space. Boasting two expansive casting decks with bow and center rod storage, a 28-gallon aerated livewell, and the ability to be rigged with a robust 250hp engine, this boat is designed for serious anglers. The starting price for this model is slightly over $60,000.

Ranger RT198P

Ranger's RT198P is a compelling choice for those in search of an affordable bass boat that doesn't compromise on performance. Priced at around $39,000, this model combines Ranger's renowned reliability with a relatively high-powered and well-priced offering. With 150hp, flush-mounted electronics, ample storage space, and thoughtful extras such as a retractable rod strap, cooler, and center rod storage in the spacious front casting deck, the RT198P stands out in the mid-level bass boat category.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW Tournament Edition

The Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW Tournament Edition represents Tracker's premium aluminum bass boat model. Priced in the upper-$30,000-range with a 150hp outboard engine, it achieves speeds in the 50s and comes fully equipped for fishing with a Minn Kota 70-pound-thrust electric trolling motor, an onboard three-bank battery charger, a Lowrance HOOK2 Reveal 5” fishfinder, and a single-axle trailer included in the package price.

Ultimately, the best aluminum bass boat for you will depend on your unique priorities and budget. With a wide array of options available, it's essential to explore and evaluate the alternatives thoroughly. Regardless of the choice you make, one thing is certain – when you step onto the deck and start casting, the bass won't know what hit them.

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